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Christ Church Parents and Friends Association welcomes you!

The Parents & Friends Association (PFA) is a collection of parents who volunteer to help enrich the children’s school life.

We do this by running fun events for them such as fairs, discos, Easter hunts, coffee mornings and film nights.

The proceeds from these events can then be spent to further enrich their schooling by selecting and paying for additional curriculum-based events, projects and learning materials. eg; last year we paid for a chef to teach cooking techniques and the origins of the food we eat to year 5. We also paid for a member of staff to undertake Forest School training. 

We elect a small committee to run the PFA each year. This year they are:

 Committee Members

Jacqui Knifton

Mum to Oliver in Year 6, Alfie in Year 4 & Evie in Year 1


Lisa Weems 

Mum to Teddy in Year 3, Kyle in Year 5

Vice President

Betsey Kushner

Mum to Avery in Year 5



Vicki Beswick

Mum to Matilda in Year 5 and Perdy in Reception


Fiona Machen Harrison

Mum to Edward in Year 2 and Jack in Year 4


Vice Treasurer


In addition to the committee we have a number of parents who are often involved in the decision-making at our monthly meetings and/or regularly volunteer for events.

If you would like to see copies of the minutes from any of the PFA meetings, please contact the PFA members or email us at

We would love to have more parents join us to volunteer at events, help us raise funds and add their ideas. If you think you’d like to help or just want to find out a bit more, feel free to come and join us at our next - date and time tbc.

If you’d like to give your time to volunteer at events, please talk to one of the committee members or email us at

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