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Maintenance Fund

Every Church of England School is asked to contribute to Maintenance fund; this is currently £25 per child per year and can be paid annually. Families who may find this amount difficult to pay at one time may pay in installments over the year. Please see the school administration officer or head of School and you request will be treated in complete confidence.

Why pay the school maintenance fund?

To ensure that necessary maintenance and other work gets done when the school needs it.

What is it used for?

It is used for essential maintenance work including repairs and building work.

Does the church get any of the money?


So what is the Church connection?

The school building belongs to the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education, who use the fund to carry out maintenance work. As a Church school this work is not done by the local authority.

Do we really get our money’s worth?

Yes! As an old, Victorian school building, regular work needs to be carried out to ensure that the building remains in good condition all of the time. As long as we keep on contributing to the Maintenance fund, work can be done when needed and we can benefit from additional special grants

What happens if we don’t pay?

The school has to pay. If governors cannot raise the money through parental contributions then it will have to be paid for out of the general school fund. This means less money can be spent on essential items for the children. 

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